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Mosbri Rally Report – April 13, 2019

Open Newcastle held its first public rally yesterday (April 13, 2019) in Mosbri Crescent, The Hill yesterday to air concerns about a proposed development on the old NBN Television Studio site. Open Newcastle convenors were really appreciative of those who took the time to attend yesterday’s protest meeting in Mosbri Crescent and air their concerns. There were around 100 people joining us to hear about how we ended up with a proposal for 172 dwellings and a nine storey tower, what the impacts will be on surrounding areas, and what we can do about it.

Photos from the Rally, including good shots of the helium balloons we launched to show the heights of the buildings in relation to the local environment are available – HERE.

It was wonderful to have members of residents groups from all over town, including The Friends of King Edward Park, Cooks Hill Village Group, NHUPTAL, the Parks and Playgrounds Movement, Newcastle East Residents Group, and Newcastle Inner City Residents Alliance.

Special thanks to Tim Crakanthorp, MP who also joined us to show his support for Newcastle residents who are fighting bad planning decisions.

Thanks also to Simone for speaking about the impact of the proposed development on Newcastle East Public School, and to Ben and Elaine who showed two groups through Arcadia Park at the end of our meeting.

A couple of people mentioned that they weren’t getting acknowledgements from Council when sending in written submissions via post.

If you email or post a copy of your submissions to or 1/18 Mosbri Crescent 2300, we can collate them (redacting your details if you’d like) to make sure there is a record.

The other questions today were mainly around what to do next.

Council is now going through our submissions to prepare a report for the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) as the JRPP is the decision making body. It’s important that Council knows what the Community’s views are and that these views are accurately represented in the report that the JRPP considers.

Remembering that our strong objections to the rezoning were represented as “general support”.

We have concerns about a number of the reports that accompany the DA, in particular the Bushfire Assessment Report. We have requested a review of the Bushfire Assessment Report by an independent bushfire expert. We will forward this review on to Council as soon as it is available and share it on this page. We are of the view that a component of the required Asset Protection Zone is being pushed onto Arcadia Park, which, under regulation, should be on the development site.

It is of our view that if that should be the case, then the proposed development is not viable.

The full DA and all submissions can be found on the Council DA tracking page. If you come across any information that you’d like to share or if you have questions about what is proposed, send it through and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

We will also post selected responses to the DA here – under Reports (top menu) – for ease of access. They will appear soon.

Send your postcards in to Council (and also to the new Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, The Hon Rob Stokes). Share them with friends so that people know what is happening in our city. We have plenty more cards so if you’d like some just email us at and we can sort out a handover.

Below is the resolution we considered at our meeting:

We object to the Crescent Newcastle Proposal for 11-17 Mosbri Crescent and demand that Newcastle Councillors protect Arcadia Park and support residents and friends in their opposition to the scale and intensity of this development, and the greedy attempt to destroy wildlife habitat through the use of public land for private profit.

It was also suggested that the various community groups should start to coordinate in a much more focused way, so stay tuned for that.

A special shout out also to the people who brought biscuits and things – they were delicious and we raised $874.20. Straight in the bank! The logistics help has been much appreciated too, with leafleting and balloon runs etc.

Thanks to all!

Please stay in touch.

NBN News Coverage

Local TV station NBN covered the rally in its – Nightly News.

Here is the short segment they produced for screening on April 13, 2019.

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