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Fundraising – Ben Heslop and Ghillian Sullivan – bring us your cans and bottles!

Ben Heslop and I (Ghillian Sullivan) have a plan to collect bottles for the 10c refunds. The money collected will be used for legal fees, printing, posting etc in our battle to stop the development in Mosbri Crescent in its current form. Details overleaf …

We will paint a spare wheelie bin & put a sign on it saying that it is the bottle bank for raising funds for Arcadia Park and the fight against the development in Mosbri Crescent in its current form. It will be placed at the top of Hillview Crescent between No 13 and the flats at 17.

It will be the physical presence of our campaign in the community, bright and eye-catching to passers-by. We need to have a physical presence around our area to keep our protest in front of the community.

I (Ghillian Sullivan) will collect the bottles and cans, get the refund, and bank it to a bank account which Louisa has set up. If anyone else wants to do the same let us know in the comments field and we’ll get hte word out..

Please put all refundable cans and bottles in our Arcadia Park bins. Wine bottles are NOT refundable. It should be up and running early July. Time is running out for a victory in this. NBN will move out in about 15 months and the developer will want to press ahead.

All ideas for fundraisers are welcome. We’ll be showing movies in our house. Can anyone else do fundraisers? Please post your ideas below.

We need you to invite YOUR friends to come to fundraisers, which Louisa will put on our Facebook page and website. Inviting and booking people for events is half the battle.

Louisa will be in touch with an event (possibly in the Croatian Wickham Sports Club) on planning in Newcastle and this development in particular in the next little while.

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